2023 Innovation Report - consultation for the food and drink industry

17th November 2022

Give your views on innovation in the food and drink sector at Digital Manufacturing Week 2022

Thursday 17 November, 13:00 – 14:00
IfM Theatre, Smart Factory Expo, ACC Liverpool. Lunch provided

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Please also register for free to attend Smart Factory Expo in order to gain access.

The UK Innovation Report is an annual publication that reviews the UK’s innovation and industrial performance in comparison with that of other selected countries. The data is used to contribute to the evidence base available to inform industrial and innovation policy.

In the 2023 edition of the report, we will be taking a deeper look into the food and drink industry as one of the key sectors in the UK.

We are determined that the data in the report is supported by findings from industry, and we need your help to do this. It is vital to represent the reality behind the numbers in order to make effective policy recommendations.

At an exclusive consultation event at Smart Factory Expo, Carlos López-Gómez and David Leal Ayala will present our sectoral findings and invite you to contribute your own perspectives and experiences to help us to better understand the trends in the data.

We’ll be exploring questions such as:

  • Is the sector becoming more or less competitive internationally?
  • How is the sector performing in terms of productivity, value added and employment?
  • Is the UK sector investing enough in R&D compared to their international competitors?

This is your chance to connect with industry peers and contribute to a national dialogue on the food and drink sector.

Take part

Please also register for free to attend Smart Factory Expo in order to gain access.

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