Policy Links expands portfolio in South East Asia

Published on August 2nd 2022

Policy Links continues to expand its portfolio of projects in South East Asia. The unit, part of Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy, has conducted two studies for the GSMA Mobile for Development (M4D) which seeks to generate in-depth research on the role and impact of mobile and digital technologies in progressing sustainable and inclusive development.

The two studies explore how mobile and frontier technologies can: 1) support the development, success and resilience of rural Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Thailand’s agriculture and tourism sectors; and 2) address urban mobility and urban health challenges in Malaysia.

The findings of the studies will inform the work of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in the region.  

In collaboration with Thammasat Business School in Thailand, Policy Links co-authored the report Digitalising rural MSMEs: Thailand’s agriculture and tourism sectors. The study investigated how mobile and frontier technologies can help improve productivity and increase opportunities for rural MSMEs in the agricultural and tourism sectors;  the key barriers that need to be addressed to support the adoption of digital technology in these sectors; the policy instruments that can be used to overcome these barriers; and how Thailand can build an enabling ecosystem by using mobile and frontier technologies to improve the performance of rural MSMEs.

In collaboration with C&G Analytica in Malaysia, Policy Links is currently working on the study “Sustainable Urban Mobility And Urban Health In Malaysia:  The Role Of Mobile, Digital And Frontier Technologies And Data-Sharing Partnerships”. The report will explore how mobile and data-driven technologies can enable data-informed decision-making and policy planning to achieve sustainable and inclusive urban mobility and urban health in Malaysia; and identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness and success of implementing mobile and data-driven initiatives in Malaysia for sustainable and inclusive urban transportation and public health.

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