Policy Links invited to share Industry 4.0 insights at Oman’s National Collaborative Leadership Programme (NCLP)

Published on November 1st 2019

Oman’s National Leadership & Competitiveness Program is a highly specialised leadership program offered in partnership with world-class educational institutions. Recognising the growing demands on the Public Sector to respond both to the changing environment and needs of their constituents, the program is designed specifically for Omani senior government officials who are in a position to deliver world class impact.

In this context, Policy Links’ Dr David Leal-Ayala was invited as a keynote speaker to share insights into international approaches for promoting Industry 4.0 technology adoption within the manufacturing sector. In particular, Dr Leal-Ayala provided an overview of the role of public-private partnerships as a mechanisms to support suitable policy initiatives in this area.

The NCLP programme is delivered in partnership with the St. John’s Innovation Centre and different branches of Cambridge University. It offers a learning journey which encompasses four learning approaches: classroom sessions, international study visits, individual leadership coaching, in addition to strategic application projects of national significance.

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