The UK Innovation Report 2023

Benchmarking the UK’s industrial and innovation performance in a global context

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The 2023 UK Innovation Report

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Report overview

The 2023 UK Innovation Report measures the UK's innovation activity and its industrial performance in a global context. Compiled by Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy, based at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, it provides a clear and succinct overview of the key innovation trends across UK industry.

It answers questions such as:

  • Is the UK producing enough scientists and engineers? 
  • Are the government and private sector spending enough on research and development?
  • How does innovation translate into internationally competitive industries and well-paid jobs?

The aim of the UK Innovation Report is to facilitate policy discussions on innovation and industrial performance – and the interplay between them.

Now in its third edition, this year’s report provides deep-dive analyses of the food and drinks and aerospace sectors, providing insights into the structure and performance of these key UK industries.

What is new in this edition of the report?

The UK Innovation Report 2023 maintains last year’s core policy guiding questions but uses new datasets to address them from different angles.

  • Section 1 explores how productivity trends vary across UK regions and countries and the role of sector dynamics in these differences.
  • Section 2 analyses the latest data on R&D expenditure in the UK, discussing the implications of recent methodological changes introduced by the ONS.
  • Section 3 focuses on the performance of the aerospace and food & beverages sectors, incorporating insights from consultations with industry experts.
  • Section 4 updates the analysis of UK graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) comparing the UK with international peers.
  • Section 5 analyses the UK’s economic and innovation performance in the environmental goods and services sector.

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