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Future manufacturing: UK-Sino collaboration

9th September 2019

This workshop explored ways in which the UK and China might collaborate in the areas of 'smart' and 'green' manufacturing. Participants included senior figures from academia, government and industry. The workshop was organised alongside colleagues from the National Institute for Innovation Management at Zhejiang University, The UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and it's outputs will feed into ongoing policy dialogue between the two countries.

Workshop objectives

  • Share firm and government perspectives about the future of manufacturing from China and the UK:
    orientation, direction, status, risks, vision.
  • Discuss recent policy responses from China and UK, identify key actors and common priorities, and
    share lessons learned.
  • Identify principles and evidence required to establish ‘win-win’ collaborations between China and
    the UK.
  • Establish next steps for future dialogue and identify three or four focus areas to explore further.

We were privileged to hear contribtions from very senior figures from both countries. The presentations and subsequent discussions have laid firm foundations for an ongoing dialogue between the two countries in this vital area for economic growth and global sustainability.

Professor Sir Mike Gregory

For more information about this series of events, please contact us. To download a copy of the workshop report please click below:

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