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Capacity building for research and technology organisations (RTOs) (2017)

Published on May 4th 2017

A project for the ‘RTO Performance Benchmarking Working Group’, an international forum of Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs)

In collaboration with experts from Cambridge’s Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), Policy Links, ran a capacity building programme for an international forum of Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs). Participants included 55 RTO professionals and policy practitioners from the Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Canada’s National Research Council (NRC), the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), and Germany’s Fraunhofer Society.

The three-day programme: provided an overview of key concepts, frameworks and tools in technology and innovation management; introduced the latest international trends and policy developments in science, technology & innovation policy; reflected on practical challenges for effective technology and innovation management and discussed best practices for overcoming them.

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